Sign MOU or Acknowledgement and receive antigen tests
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Check Patients icon. Sign MOU or Acknowledgement

Organizations using the State’s CLIA waiver and Ordering Physician for antigen testing must also use VBL for any necessary confirmatory PCR testing. Once approved to partner with the state, the site’s point-of-contact will receive via DocuSign two MOUs (one for antigen testing and one for confirmatory PCR) to sign and return to the state. Organizations using the state’s CLIA who already partner with VBL will not need to sign a new MOU for confirmatory PCR testing.

Organizations who do not use the State’s CLIA waiver or Ordering Physician will sign an Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Responsibility document in lieu of an MOU.

Conduct Test icon. Receive antigen tests

Once your MOU or Acknowledgment is received, the state will send you instructions on receiving your first 6-week supply. All orders will be placed with a 1-week lead time. For organizations using the State’s CLIA waiver and Ordering Physician, testing is not to be initiated until all training and onboarding requirements are met.