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COVID-19 Testing Task Force Lab List

The California Testing Task Force (TTF) is working to ensure that Californians who need COVID-19 testing have access to tests. As part of this effort, the TTF is publishing a list of laboratories that are willing to receive samples to provide COVID-19 testing for a variety of sectors (e.g., routine healthcare facility testing, occupational health testing, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, local health departments, etc.)

To be on this list, a lab must meet 4 criteria:

  1.  Lab has a valid California clinical laboratory license and a CLIA certificate.
  2.  Lab is running FDA EUA molecular or antigen diagnostic tests.
  3.  Lab has notified Laboratory Field Services that it performs COVID-19 testing via the COVID-19 Notification Form.
  4.  Lab is submitting data to CalREDIE (either via ELR or .csv).

This list includes 3 types of service capabilities that a lab can provide:

  1. Full service: Lab can provide onsite/offsite sample collection. This may include supplies like PPE, sample collection kits, or trained healthcare professionals to collect the samples. They may be able to test onsite or facilitate the shipment of specimens for diagnostic testing.
  2. Enhanced service: Lab can provide sample collection kits, manage inbound logistics (e.g. preprinted shipping labels), and conduct diagnostic testing.
  3. Testing only service: Lab can conduct diagnostic testing. Submitter must supply their own collection kits.

This list is refreshed on a weekly basis. If your lab would like to be represented on this list or if you would like to update your lab’s information, please complete this form. Please note that the TTF can remove a lab from this list at any time if it fails to meet the listed criteria.

If you have any questions regarding the list, please email

: Information provided below is self-reported. This list is not an endorsement or a recommendation from California Department of Public Health. The Department does not assume any liability or responsibility for any representations made by a laboratory regarding its capabilities. 

Laboratories with Testing Capacity