Ordering and receive test kits
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First shipment

After completing the application, CDPH will use the information provided to estimate number of test kits and ship-back boxes.
CDPH will automatically ship one week’s worth of testing kits (plus an additional 10% buffer)


Subsequent shipments

Subsequent kits or ship-back boxes can be requested through Color’s Order Portal. See Color’s Test Kits webpage for more information.

NOTE: Kits have a shelf life of 1-2 years.

Ensure that the following proper storage protocols are followed:

  • Store in secure location
  • No direct exposure to sunlight or heat
  • Store at room temperature (between 72 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • If kits are not all used in each week, they can be used in the next weeks if stored properly. However, sites are highly encouraged to order the amount of kits needed each week so the State can ensure all sites have access to the number of kits needed
  • DO NOT USE bleach products near collection kits.