Shipping collected samples for processing
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PCR Antigen  

Store Samples icon. Store samples before shipping

Samples should be stored in a secure collection bin in a cool (between 72 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit), shaded, and covered area.

Once collected, samples are suggested to be transported to the lab within 24-hours (preferably the same day as collection), for faster lab processing and turnaround time on results.

Arrange Shipping icon. Package and ship samples

Materials needed to package and ship-back samples will be included with your test kits.

Test kit materials received from Color will include:

6” x 9” biohazard bag that contains

  • Small absorbent pad
  • Tube containing (Molecular Transport Media) MTM labeled with a barcode
  • AN/OP individually packaged Swab
  • Bilingual takeaway card with the same barcode as on the tube which will be given to each participant to help them access their test results

Ship back materials

  • Large sealable biohazard bag (watertight)
  • Shipping box (100 kit and 200 kit size)
  • UN3373 label (to be affixed to the outside of the box before shipping)
  • Electronic manifest and batch shipping tool

Note: If you choose to use the California COVID-19 Courier Network, you will not need to use the ship-back box. Instead, CCN requires that packaged samples ship in large biohazard bags with the manifests included in the bag and the manifest number(s) written on the outside of the bag, rather than a box.

11 steps to package samples for shipping

  1. Make sure the caps are tightly sealed on each tube
  2. Package each sample in the individual biohazard bag with small absorbent pad
  3. Place individual samples in the large biohazard bag. Note: The biohazard bag should only contain up to either 100 or 200 individual kits, depending on the size of your return box. You do not have to fill the bag up to the capacity if you have not performed the full number of tests over a timeframe. Feel free to ship bags with less than the full capacity
  4. Seal the large biohazard bag tightly
  5. Place the biohazard bag inside the return shipping box provided (skip this step if you’re using the COVID-19 Courier Network)
  6. Make sure the return shipping box has a UN 3373 label affixed to the outside of the box
  7. Place the completed paper manifest on top of the bag
  8. Seal the cardboard box. If possible, label the outside of the package with the manifest ID
  9. Affix the return shipping label if applicable (not included)
  10. Provide the box to the courier or carrier as appropriate
  11. Note down the tracking number if appropriate

Electronic manifest and batch shipping tool (see Color Batch Shipping Tool Training for more information)

Color provides an electronic manifest and batch shipping tool to all sites, to help track samples as they are transported from the collection site to CLN and ensure that CLN only receives activated samples that can be processed. Once the samples have been collected, an electronic manifest will need to be completed on the Batch Shipment tool for each shipment. A print out of the manifest will need to be included with every sample shipment sent to the lab. Paper manifest for your site are also provided (if needed)